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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Get Adsense in a splash

Do you want to get approved for Google Adsense, BUT you don't have a single clue about how to go about getting your Adsense publisher ID?
It's been a while - a little more than 4 years since I was approved for my Adsense ID, but I remember the frustration over not knowing what to do or how to do it.
This lens reveals EXACTLY what you need to do to in 5 simple to follow steps.
And even though things have changed a bit since I was approved for Adsense 4 years ago, I don't see any reason why you can't get your Adsense publisher ID following the same steps.

Before you get started, I have a quick question to ask you .
What's kept you from getting your Adsense publisher ID?.
Please take a hot minute to answer this poll questionI do appreciate it.

I was approved for my Google Adsense publisher ID on 4/7/07. It took me just 6 days total time to get approved.
NOTE: As I mentioned in the introduction a few things have changed since April 2007.
But in spite of the things that have changed since I first put this guide together, I believe you can still get approved for Google Adsense by following the 5 steps I present here on this lens.

I believe The Keys to me getting approved for my Adsense publisher ID on the very first attempt were: (1) choosing a niche topic that had commercial value, and (2) creating unique, high quality content that was relevant to my niche.
What does "Commercial Value" mean?

Here's what I mean: the niche topic or related search terms are attractive enough for advertisers with a product or service to sell, to run pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaigns on Google's Adwords program.

When it comes to tools to help you research potential niche markets to target, there is an overabundance of them in my opinion. So many that you need a tool (or at least a "how to" guide) to help you pick the right one for your online projects!
The 3 Google tools you can use to discover worthwhile niche topics for this project are: 1.Google Insights for Search, 2.Google Trends, and 3.Google External Keyword tool.
These are my favorite free niche research tools.

This excellent video tutorial reveals how to use the Google Insights for Search tool to do deep level keyword research starting with a seed topic.

This YouTube video shows you how to use the Google Trends tool to gauge behavior for the keywords you generated with Google Insights for Search.

Now that you have generated some ideas for commercial search terms that you believe would make a great topic for this project and you've analyzed the trends for these search terms, it's time to create a list of keywords that you can target.

The set up for Blogger is very simple.
So I've removed the modules that went through Step 1: Setting up your account, Step 2: Naming your Blogger blog & choosing a URL, and Step 3: Making your Blogspot look like a real website.

When Google rolled out the initial 'Panda' update (a/k/a the 'Farmer' update) to it's search engine algorithm in February of 2011, Google wanted to improve user experience by weeding out thin low quality blogs and websites that were gaming the system from their search engine rankings.

I'm changing what I'm recommending you do with respect to (1) the number of posts you create, and (2) the length of those blog posts. So you want to write informative, relevant blog posts that are well written, have no misspellings or errors in grammar.
This is completely different than what I did to get approved for the Adsense program in 2007, but it is a prime example of how quickly things can change up in the internet marketing world.

What did I do?: I created 2 detailed 650 word posts on my subject that were very informative. I spaced the posts 2 days apart, added a detailed topic related "About" page and added an RSS feed covering news about my topic.
In case you're wondering about the topic I chose, I chose a medical condition.

What do you do when you feel like you can't write to save your life or you can write, but it's a real struggle for you to write the blog posts you need for this project?
Almost everyone has some PLR (private label rights) articles on their PC. Don't let your PLR content continue to gather digital dust on your hard drive; if it's not junk, think about putting it to use for this project.
Back in the day -- before the 'Panda' updates, many internet marketing experts said it was okay to do a light rewrite that was 35 - 55% unique. But today doing that level of PLR rewrite would be a complete waste of your time and will get you nowhere fast!
Don't be lazy and just do synonym replacements with your favorite article spinning tool! You need to edit, rewrite and beef up the content from your perspective.
If you have trouble writing, I suggest you (1) buy an inexpensive private label rights article pack from PLR MiniMart, PLR a La Carte or NetPLR . I've purchased some excellent PLR content from all 3 and I highly recommend them.
GistWeb is a free tool that can give you the summary or "gist" of a web page's content. You can also use it with web search summaries.

You can apply for Adsense through from your blogspot's Template tab under Page Elements sub heading or you can submit your application thru the main sign up page for Adsense .
Tip: When you sign up for Adsense, use an existing e-mail address other than the one you created your Google account with.
That's it - if you followed the instructions in this lens you will be approved for Google Adsense in 2 - 3 days.

Do you think I've earned a 'Like' from you for the information I've given to you in this Squidoo lens on how to get approved for your Adsense publisher ID?
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